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  • Grace Vette

Venom of the Gods

I am addicted to this series. At first I thought that there was too much inner dialogue by heroine but as the story progresses I am finding that this is so necessary to truly understand the heroine(Amelia). I love the banter between her and the hero(Lucius) as she is constantly frustrating and surprising him. There is plenty of intrigue and action in this book to keep you engaged. I am only slightly frustrated that I started this series first as I understand that there is another series Afterlife that should actually be read first. Afterlife is the story of her mother and father but there are a number of characters and situations that are present in the Transfusion series. So what is a girl to do? I guess I will have to start the afterlife series. With that being said, I am still loving this series and can't wait to start the next book. Oh, there is are plenty of English idioms and spellings in the series which actually make this story more endearing.


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