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  • Grace Vette

The Darkest Night: Lords of the Underworld, Book 1

I have been planning to read this series for a while but for some reason I kept putting it off and now I know why. It is so addicting and I can't wait to start the next book. This is great twist on the myth of Pandora's box. Maddox aka the Lord of Violence is tormented nightly by reliving the vicious attack he perpetrated against Pandora. As punishment he is murdered every night in the same vicious fashion and taken to the underworld where he endures unspeakable torture only to be reborn the next morning to prepare for the act again at midnight. Ashlyn Darrow,a human female born with a gift that wherever she is standing she can hear the past conversation that took place at that spot no matter how long ago it occurred. Ashlyn has ventured to Budapest in hopes of finding the "Angels" to help her to control her gift. She is constantly tormented by the conversations without relief. As an employee of the "Institute" she helps them to locate ancient objects and other paranormals with her gift. This is the same agency that has been hunting Maddox and his fellow brethren for years. Ashlyn does not know that she is the bait to lure the Lords out of their secured home and when Maddox comes across her in the woods at night after silently dispatching a few hunters. He assumes that Ashlyn is bait, but he is drawn to her in a way that he has never been towards any human female. Ashlyn only knows that when she around Maddox the voices around her stop and she is willing to risk everything to have him help her stop the voices. This is the first book so there are several plots that are taking place in this first book to set the stage for the other Lords and their mates and the plot lines. This includes the rise of the Titans who have over thrown the Gods at this time. An alliance with the other demon Lords and of course the pursuit of them by the "institute" or the hunters. And of course varies God and Goddesses who will help or interfere. If you have audible escape then the first 14 books are available with your membership as well as a few of the novellas. I am definitely planning on finishing this series it has everything that will pull a reader(listener) in. A great story line, action, hot sexy heros, passion, what more could you want. I also loved the voice and timber of the narrator, Max Bellmore. His voice was perfect, deep, hypnotic and totally sexy and it

he is the narrator for the series.

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