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Lover Unveiled Book 19 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Ok, so I am back into this series now. For a while I had lost my excitement because it seemed as if JR Ward was just serving up word stew with the BDB names thrown into the mix. The timelines and back stories weren't meshing and it seemed that some of the characters were replaced by doppelgangers which explained their 180 degree switch in personality. Then, I was trying to figure out why a particular book was written at all. However, I am talking to much about the last few books so let's get into this book. First of all let me say that this review contains spoilers so if you are the type that doesn't want to know until you read it, then don't read this... Due diligence done, spoiler warning given, ok, now let's do this. As with most of the books in this series there is a female that has gotten her ass into something that she should not have but thinks that she is tough enough to handle the ramifications of her actions until she realizes that she can't. This story is no different. Mae is a female vampire who is looking for a grimoire or tome that holds a spell to return vampires from the dead. After arguing with Mae, her brother Rohger left home only to return weeks later to die in her arms. Mae is determined not to lose anyone else in her family. Rohger was all she had left since the death of her father and mahman. She is told about this book by a a kindly old exiled glymera female by the name of Tallah. Tallah tells Mae that she must find the Reverend, who is none other than our favorite cropped mohawk sportin' sexy symphath, Rhevenge. Tallah tells her that the Reverend will know where and how she can get her hands on the "Book". This leads May to an underground MMA caged fight where one of the favorite fighter, a human by the name of Ralphie DeMellio is about to fight a behemoth monster of a male, with a shaved head and horriffic tattoo of a death on his back and on his abdomen a skeletal hand reaching through his torso. As May locks eyes with the huge fighter, Sahvage she senses that he is not human and therefore will destroy the human fighter. She is so in awed of the massive fighter that she wanders into the safety zone where someone has to snatch her back out of the way. As she tries to get far away from this scene she realizes that the human man is going to be slaughtered by that massive tattooed male so in an attempt to prevent the human from being slaughtered she distracts Sahvage and causes him to be severely injured by the human man. She panics as she believes that Sahvage is the Reverend that she is supposed to be meeting with and she quickly comes to the decision that she needs to save him if she is going to get his help in retrieving the book. While Sahvage is lying on the concrete bleeding out, he drifts into his past and recalls the last moments with his cousin, Rahvyn, that changed his entire life. While he is lying there bleeding out hoping to die, Mae returns and tries save him by closing the wound in the vampire way and then offers him her vein to feed from. In the midst of a spirited back and forth between Mae and Sahvage aka Shawn the real Reverend arrives. Best line ever from Mae to Rehvenge "... before you waltzed in looking like Liberace and Hannibel Lechter had a love child". Rehv denies having any knowledge about or whereabout of the book, Sahvage begins to display his bonded male aggressive behavior, and Mae is talking big shit as if she has this whole thing under control. So here we go. Now there are a couple of "side" storylines happening simultaneously. Of course we will get more information on be Sahvage and his cousin Rahvyn's. There relationship and especially how he was supposed to be dead and then not dead and what Rahvyn had to do with that. There is Balthazar one of the Band of Bastards and Robin Hood wanna be that is still out robbing the rich in his spare time. He decides to rob a particularly rich mark with some truly eccentric and expensive items. One of the items being and extremely old and mysterious looking book in a glass display that is set apart from everything else. As he is casing the place and picking his treasures, he encounters the man's sexy and lonely wife, (so Balz thinks). Balz decides to give her a night of the ooh's and ah's that she's been needing then afterwards changes her memories before he leaves. As he is leaving he is inexplicably summoned by the mysterious book. The book was very, very old and bound in some type of old leather that gave him the heebee geebees. Oh, and did I mention that the book smelled so horrible that it had Balz retching. If the fallen angel, Lassiter had not called his cellphone at that precise moment he might have been completely enthralled by the book. It is this encounter that gives the demon three things. Access to Balz, the location and a way to get into the mansion. The demon is none other than Devina who we had met initially in the Fallen Angels series and she crossed over to the BDB world recently in the Sinner. Devina is a lonely psychopathic demon with OCD and a taste for high end items. Devina is trying to understand love and why she can't find it. She has never quite gotten over Jim Herron not wanting her and instead choosing a virgin over her. So she is actually slaughtering couples, consuming their hearts trying to find out what makes them attracted to and love each other. Devina needs the "Book" and will do whatever she has to to get. Devina is not one to let a little murder and torture hold back from her prize. At this point she has two prizes in mind Balthazar and Sahvage. The next story line involves Nate the adopted son of Murhder and Sarah. This story line is what brings everything around to full circle. Nate is post transition and working with the construction company that is building the Luchas house. A new home for members of the race who were homeless or needed temporary lodging and assistance in honor of Qhuinn's brother Luchas(Luchas' story is in "A warm heart in Winter: A Caldwell Christmas"). There is a meteorite that lands and Nate and Shuli go to check it out. While doing so they encounter a young, beautiful and mysterious female named Elyn, and of course Nate is enamored with her. Nate is trying to grow up and of course when kids are trying to grow up they tend to push away from their parents. There are some tense and tender moments between Murhder, Sarah and Nate that will definitely give you the feels. Especially when Murhder is going out to battle with Devina and he tells Nate, " Look, I know things have been... weird between us. And I just didn't want to go before I told you that I love you. Nate, I couldn't love you more if you were from my own blood..." I had a lone tear sliding down my cheek accompanied by a few sniffles. This is the preparation for the lead into the battle between Devina and the BDB for the "Book". Of course there will be more interactions between Sahvage and Mae, Balz and Devina. We also meet the possible mates for two characters. One of the characters we have been waiting for his mate reveal since we met him in his original series and then appeared in BDB series. If you don't know who this is then I suggest that you turn in your insider's guide right now because you do not deserve it an I am not going to tell you. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I was very apprehensive as I stated before because I felt that the previous books didn't have the feel of what I came to love about this series. This time there were a few more answers that questions. (Thank you for finally explaining those damn coffins). I am still left with a healthy dose of curiosity and excitement for the next book in the series. I am actually looking forward to having some conversations and healthy debates over some of the characters and situations in this story. I guess the one thing that I would have to say that is still a little bit of sour spot is how obvious it is that the main couples will get together. So I am always less excited about them and more excited for the side story couples. As I previously stated the females are ok but they are always walking into a situation that is beyond what they can handle and need to be rescued. Then once they are rescued the bonding scent starts, the denials and self deprecation starts then we have a couple whether we like them or not. I am hoping that in the next books we will see better written females with more, hutzpah step onto the pages. Devina, is definitely a female breath of air. I love her evilness. She owns it and gives zero --cks if you don't like it.(fill in the blanks) I am looking forward to see what else she is capable of doing. Her exit scene in the last chapter... priceless.

Remember we can agree to disagree but this is just 1 Brown Woman's Opinion.

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