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Can you write will all the colors of the wind?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I have been reading so many books lately that at certain points the stories feel like they are melding together. Reading every genre from romance to paranormal gives me goose bumps visualizing the written imagery of others and what their vision of the future and other galaxies will look like. I have to say, however that there is one thing that is a little disturbing to me. And that is that in the majority of these books it appears to be devoid of people of color. Now before anyone gets upset and starts to point an accusatory digit in my direction or begins a hashtag movement against me first hear me out and let me be clear, after all this blog is 1 brown woman's opinion. I am in no way saying anything negative about the authors nor am I saying that it was a horrible book(unless it was horrible for grammatical or content reasons) because there were no minorities in the story line. It's just disheartening to believe that aliens would come to earth and seek only two things. The decimation of the planet earth and white women. Or even once we have reached the vastness of space with a plethora of female aliens species that again white women are the chosen above all others. The pale smooth creaminess of their skin, the thick masses of their brunette, blond or red hair a top the shoulders of their petite body frames with ample plump breasts and curves in all the right places that the biggest and mightiest of all alien males is unable to resist. Trust me I am not being a hater. But I have seen those attributes in many other non white ethnicities, except maybe African American females, oh but wait there are many shades to us that range from a dark french roast to coffee with way too much cream. There is something for everyone in a manner of speaking. I am hoping that as this blog continues I will receive many corrections and recommendations that will prove that I am not as well read as I believe myself to be. I have however been noticing that there are a few more authors that are taking that leap and adding more diversity to their worlds as well as the love interests of their main characters and I applaud them. If we want to decrease the monochromatic view of the world as it is currently being portrayed we have to add more color, more diversity to challenge our standard visual imagery and increase the ability to fathom that there is more to this world then what we currently see in our own mirrors.

#canyouwriteinallcolors #whereareallthecolors

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