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Fable of Happiness Bk 3

As always a Pepper Winters book leaves you twisted up in your emotions but I can honestly say that this book let me take a deep breath and let it out slowly without my usual angst. I have ridden this roller coaster with Gemma and Kazem and at times I was so angry, tearful, and frustrated. This final book answered so many of the questions that were lingering in my brain and also gave some insight to two important characters from Kaz's past that without them he would not have been able to move forward. Kaz's tumultuous past and flashbacks have left him paralyzed and afraid to step into a life that he deserves. His post concussive syndrome has robbed him of memories and the ability to at times differentiate between what is really happening and what he perceives is happening. Gemma's determination to support and help Kaz is so heartfelt and touching that you can't help but root for this relationship. This last book was beautiful in it's resolution but also it has left a little worm there of what is next and lies ahead for the future of the series. I was so glad that this story was able to resolve the way that it did. I can not add more without spoilers. I loved this story and recommend it."

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