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Deceptive Knight by Sienna Snow " The Street Kings BK 3

Sienna Snow has definitely become my go to author as well as the Street Kings have become my favorite series. After finishing the first book Dangerous King, I fell down the rabbit hole of these intense alpha males whose bond to one another was stronger than if they actually were true blooded brothers. What makes these books unique are the cast of culturally diverse male characters who through no fault of their own were placed in situations that caused them to do whatever they had to survive. In survival mode they made a choice that would change their futures they attempted to rob the notorious, Arin King. Arin adopted the boys and became the patriarch of the King clan. He saw something in those young boys and helped to hone and mold them into what they are today. Good, bad, or indifferently dangerous these men exude power and sex appeal in total panty melting fashion. But wait did I mention that the female characters are just as diverse and cunning as their male counterparts? One theme that has become overrated is the damsel in distress whose mouth writes a check her ass can’t cash. This is not case for any of these females, in fact not only could they cash the check, but they can also add interest on the payment. Lilly and Reyhan’s story fills in perfectly. Lilly is the new and mysterious art appraiser at the Dayal-King gallery. Lilly is smart and beautiful but harboring a huge secret. Lilly has been in hiding and running from a past that she knows is going to catch up with her eventually. She tries to protect those around her by refusing to form attachments with people to prevent them from becoming collateral damage. Reyhan is an enigmatic figure playing in two worlds, the CIA and his family business. However, there was one CIA mission that he can’t let go. Not so much because of the fact that he was nearly killed but more because of the beautiful woman who not only betrayed him but was the one that pulled the trigger. He encounters Lilly in the gallery and there is an instant pull. There is something about her that has him more intrigued by her than what he should be. Then old scores, debts, and promises are due pulling Lilly and Reyhan right in the center. Will they be able settle up? Trust me you will enjoy reading every page to find out. So much so that you will have a hard time putting this book down. These books are all standalone but so, so, so much more enjoyable if read in order. No spoilers here but after finishing Deceptive Knight you will be primed and chomping at the bit for the next book Ruthless Heir. This is Sam and Devani’s book! I CAN’T WAIT !!!

I received this advance read copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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