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Death of Darkness: Immortal Guardians BK 9

I have to admit with the death and burial of Fict-Fact(RIP) I have lost track of so many series. With that being said this is one that I had unfortunately lost track of. I loved the Immortal Guardian series and with each guardian that found their mate I always wondered if their leader Seth would ever be allowed to find or even have a mate and what would she be like. Seth was so strong, powerful and one hundred percent there for his guardians no matter what. How would he be able to manage a mate and have time for her in the way that she would need him. Well, my questions have been answered. In this installment we meet the woman that will indeed be the woman for Seth and she is everything that we would want for him. Leah is the owner of a children’s clothing store. Although she is kind and loving individual that makes the visits to her store a joy for all that enter, she covets a secret of deep pain and loss that nearly twelve years later she still can’t shake the pain and scars from that horrific night. She meets Seth in her store with Adera and instantly there is a curiosity and attraction. Seth, has been uncharacteristically having dreams of a woman of whom he takes a sketch of her to Chris Riordan. To Seth’s surprise Chris has all the information on this woman because she is the proprietor of the children’s store that Amy and Marcus frequent for Adera. Curiosity overwhelming him he takes Adera to the store and meets the charming proprietor. There is an instant attraction but Seth being Seth tries to take a clinical approach. Leah’s warmth, honesty and vitality overwhelm Seth and he is drawn to her in spite of himself. Unfortunately, Vampire attacks have increased worldwide and they still have not recovered the twelve missing gifted ones. As well as the appearance of one of the missing twelve who has now become and immortal and tries to attack Leah. Seth is torn between pursuing his relationship with Leah, who is human or devoting his time and energy to the fighting the vampires and pursuing Gershwin. You know of course that Seth choses to fight in order to protect Leah. As always fate has a way of forcing our warriors to do what their heart wants and this is no exception. Seth gives in to Leah and when I say that Seth is a man that will make the earth move and thunder and lightening strike just know I mean this literally. This story reaches it’s crescendo with an assault on the Marcus’ home by Gershwin and the kidnapping of all the immortal guardians within to include Leah, little Adera and Michael. Seth and the others are desperate to find the missing before Gershwin can inflict any harm upon them. With the help of some unexpected allies and newly discovered abilities, Seth and the remaining immortals are able to find and rescue the missing immortals but at a cost. Apologetically, I can’t go any further without revealing the amazing ending to this story. I also use audiobooks so that I can keep the story going and when I tell you I literally yelled out “NO”!!!!! and I looked to my right to see that the driver in the car next me heard me cry out. So, if you are like me and enjoyed this series but somehow sidetracked it, please pick it up again. It is just as amazing as it was before and so worth the read. Also there is now a spinoff of this series. The first book is titled The Lasaran: Aldebarian Alliance, where we meet Amy’s brother Taelon. I can’t wait to jump into it. So again, definitely loved this book, I so recommend it, please check out the spinoff series The Lasaran: Aldebarian Alliance, and look for more of my reviews at .

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