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  • Grace Vette

Code Name Hacker: Jameson Security Force Bk 4

Updated: May 26, 2021

What happens when life throws you curveball? If you are Bebe Grimshaw you take a swing and hope for the best. Unfortunately that last swing caused her to strike out. While attending MIT Bebe becomes pregnant and feels it is in her best interest to leave.(strike 1)As a single mom Bebe tries her best to provide a decent life for her infant son. Then her mother is diagnosed with diabetes and is unable to work and now has incurred medical bills and medication to manage her current disease process.(strike 2) She gets caught up with a russian mafia boss that lulls her into feeling that this is ok, (curve ball)until he begins to force Bebe into darker things. Specifically stealing the launch codes for American nuclear weapons.(strike3) Bebe is caught between the life of her son and the lives of millions of people. She makes the ultimate sacrifice and get caught and arrested for treason and faces decades in the federal prison system away from her mother and the child that she loves until she is granted an early release by Kynan. The gist is she has to work for Jameson. As long as she keeps her nose clean she can have her family back and lead a somewhat normal life. Who in their right mind wouldn't take that deal? Although life seems to be on the right track Bebe can't help but feel that Karma is on her heels and someday she will have to atone for her previous actions. And sure enough karma does make its presence know in the form of a sexy as hell assassin named Griffen. For some reason Griff makes all of Bebe's common sense fly out of the window. Is it his sexy as sin body, his beard, his harley, and tatts ? Whatever it is, it has made Bebe vulnerable to that evil blast from her blast that threatens to destroy everything that she has built so far. Get ready to see Bebe in a way that you never imagined, vulnerable. I loved this book. It gave me a much better understanding of Bebe. I saw her as a woman/mother and not just an employee of Jameson. You really understand the importance of her relationship with her mother and son. Griffen is complex and that's all I can say for now. I obviously recommend this book. Great ending segue to the next book. Can't wait for Ghost, Malik's story.

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