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ARC Review "Fable of Happiness" by Pepper Winters

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Ok, so I am trying to put my thought together because a Pepper Winters book is like a straw that sucks you in and you enjoy every moment of being sucked in. I was so surprised and happy to have received the ARC for "fable of happiness" that I couldn’t wait to read it and post my review. However, after reading the story there was so much there that I had to do a reread to make sure that I did justice to the story with my review. I am going to try to not add spoilers and please forgive me if there is one. I have to say I was instantly drawn into to this story from page one. As I began reading, I thought to myself that this seems to have a beauty and beast type of feel. As I got further into the book, I realized that the only way that this would have a beauty and the beast feel would be if you stuffed that story with habanero peppers and generously topped it with cayenne pepper. If you are a Pepper Winters fan then this book will hit you in all the right places. I promise you. Gemma is a 26-year-old thrill seeker entrepreneur. She is a female climber and thanks her You-Tube videos and sponsorship she is very financially stable and has everything that she could want except for a successful relationship. After a few relationship fiascos she has decided to focus on her career and family. That’s when she finds out about a climbing opportunity that could lead to a discovery that she can’t resist. Rationalizing that there is nothing keeping her home she packs her gear and heads out on an adventure of a lifetime. To be the first person at an undiscovered site. It is during this adventure that she encounters Kassen, a man that is barely holding on to his humanity. Kassen has withdrawn from the world and wants to keep it that way. He feels that if he never sees another human being that would to soon. Kassen feels safe in his hideaway where the only things that he has to contend with are the demons and ghosts of his past that haunt each room. That was until his solitude was trespassed upon by Gemma. Talk about your match meeting gasoline! The only word that can describe their type of chemistry is volatile. Need and desire blooms so uncontrollably hot in these two people so determined to survive that it sets the pages on fire leading up to a climax that will leave you gasping and wanting more.


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