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Afterlife: Crossbreeds Bk #10

Wow, where do I begin. I have to admit that every time a new Crossbreeds book comes out I have already preordered it on my kindle. Dannika Dark never disappoints with this series. Each book is so well written. The stories, characters and events are so well fleshed out that each book leaves you with a desire for more and so ready for next book. This book is no exception. In this book we are fresh off of Raven's last job. She is still riding the wave of accomplishment of the last high profile case that she was instrumental in solving. Raven has new found fame and trust from her hard work so she now has been called in by the pack to investigate some suspicious deaths. This was an investigation that seemed like a looking for a needle in a haystack until a few incidents began to tie together showing them the path to solving the deaths. However, while solving this mystery we get the answer to the one of the greatest mysteries of all, the origin story of Blue. Blue is being courted by Matteo, who is the chitah from book #7 Moonstruck. From the moment we meet Blue she appears guarded. However, until you watch how she and Viktor interact you have a feeling that there is or will be something between them. You just want know what bought her to Keystone and what makes her so distrustful. Blue and Matteo have a love/hate relationship. Matteo would love to get to know her and then claim her while Blue just plain hates the fact that he is around. There are some funny and touching interactions between. They are both coming from a place that holds deep betrayal, heartbreaking pain and loneliness. Matteo even longer than Blue. Blue's story is so powerful and heartbreaking. It shows a depth of strength, pain and emotion that is almost too much to bear. My heart wept with the telling of her story and rejoiced at her strength and will to survive. There is also a tender moment between Blue and Viktor that bought out all kinds of feelings, I was crying, smiling and hoping simultaneously. The plot twist in the end was worth the read alone. My only disappointment in this book was that there was no mention of Lenore. We know from the last book what Lenore had done to Raven and also that Christian is aware it was Lenore. I was waiting and wanting for Christian to avenge Raven but it never happened. There are a few precursor scenes that involve conversations between Raven and Houdini regarding trust and if she could trust Christian to tell her the truth or if he kept things from her. Raven also had similar conversations involving the same with Christian. I am thinking that this is going to connect to the next book. I feel almost absolutely certain that the next book will be about Viktor. There needs to be a resolution regarding Lenore and events that occurred between him and Blue. Darn it I want Lenore to get her comeuppance! I will just have to wait for the next book to see if I am right. Hope you enjoyed this review but hope you discover and enjoy this series even more.

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