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What's your favorite flavor of books?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

A friend and I were talking a while back about the paranormal romance series that we were currently reading. I was a little frustrated (in a devoted sort of way) at the the fact that PNR series that we were reading would release a book around every six months or so. In between waiting we were trying to figure out what to read. She coined the term "book sorbet". This term is used for a book that you read outside of your normal genre to cleanse and refresh your reading palate so you can be ready for the book in your series. Especially when you are waiting a good amount of time for the next book in the series to come out. In my case I started reading dark billionaire romances. They seemed so thrilling, so naughty and definitely hot. I found one in my kindle unlimited called "Echo" by A. Zavarelli. At that time I had never heard of her and the summary of the book sounded soo naauugghhttyy, that I just had to read it.Well, I read that book. I then went on the read the next book in the series called, "Stutter". This then lead me to me to Pepper Winters and the Indebited Series. OMG, did I have a complete palate change! I could not put her books down. Pepper Winters suck me in. To this day, if Pepper Winters writes it, I am reading it. The funny thing is that my "book sorbet" has now become a favorite genre for me. There have been so many authors and books that I have discovered in this "dark romance" genre that now everything else has practically become book sorbet for me now.

How many of you have a have tried a different genre for "book sorbet" and it ended up becoming a favorite? How far outside of your reading comfort zone did you go? Did you use it as an opportunity to read something that you would not normally read? Who did you read ? What genre? Did you enjoy it? Want to recommend it?

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